Release Date April 22, 2015

ReadyNAS OS V6.2.3 Release Notes:

Download Link:

arm (RN102 / RN104 / RN2120)
x86 (RN312 / RN314 / RN316 / RN516 / RN716x / RN3130 / RN3220 / RN4220)

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed issue where removing certain apps would bring the web interface offline.
  2. Lower SMB allocation roundup size, so Windows 8.1 shows reasonable Disk Used values.
  3. Fixed incorrect default Gmail alert settings.
  4. Kernel security updates and various bug fixes.
  5. Revert higher fan RPMs with Seagate disks.
  6. Fixed potential system hang with Anti-Virus enabled.
  7. Fixed potential system hang on 4-bay units with disk spindown enabled.
  8. Suppress duplicate anti-virus warnings.
  9. Does not send email alerts about virus definition updates.
  10. Prevent SNMP connections from spamming the system logs.
  11. Fixed premature snipping of logs when downloading log .zip file.
  12. Don't try to spin down SSDs.
  13. Fixed snapshot access via "Previous Versions" in Windows on shares with multi-byte characters in the share name.
  14. Fixed downloading files from USB drives through ReadyCloud.
  15. Various upstream security updates.
  16. Fixed NFS discovery issue with Kodi / XBMC.
  17. Fixed SMB discovery issue when the NAS is operating as the NETBIOS master browser.
  18. Enhances system log download contents.
  19. Fixed iTunes 12.1 incompatibility.
  20. Increased max ADS connections, to gracefully handle very busy AD environments.
  21. Improve volume information sent to RAIDar client.
  22. Added HTTP server "safe mode" fallback in case of misconfiguration.
  23. Scheduler change to hopefully resolve random freezing on RN10x.
  24. Fixed exposing of visible snapshots in some cases.
  25. Upstream security fixes.
  26. More changes for RN104 hang.
  27. Improve UI auto-reconnect mechanism.
  28. Better handling of joining very strict ADS environments.
  29. System timer tweaks for RN10x.
  30. Patched CVE-2015-0240.
  31. Fixed GUI crash when there was an inactive volume present.
  32. Disabled perf events in ARM kernel.
  33. Improved information gathered for log zip file.
  34. Fixed memory leak in LLMNR responder.
  35. Fixed out-of-memory condition in iTunes server caused by large zero-filled files.
  36. Reserve more system memory on busy systems, to page allocation failures.
  37. Fixed downgrades to 6.2.2.
  38. Filter out duplicate bit rot events.
  39. Fixed false VCore voltage alerts from RN3130.
  40. Changed I/O scheduler on RN10x.
  41. Fixed NFS thread count setting being overwritten on update.
  42. Fixed bad DVBLink interaction with RNx16 buttons.
  43. Fixed overly picky path input validation when creating backup jobs.
  44. Don't fail to start management daemon when encountering an unsupported UPS.
  45. Added a confirmation dialog when removing apps.
  46. Fixed UI connection repair mechanism with certain browsers on HTTPS connections.
  47. Disabled x86 kernel memory compaction support.
  48. Fixed SMB permissions breakage after changing NAS hostname.
  49. Latest OpenSSL security fixes.
  50. Added full ca-certificates bundle to fix apps that use HTTPS.
  51. Fixed possible CPU spinner bug after canceling an SMB transfer.
  52. Fixed IPv6 address display in UI.
  53. Fixed invalid scheduled disk test result reporting.

Deployment Notes / Limitations:

  1. Wake on LAN (WOL) will not be supported on the ReadyNAS 4220 at this time using the 10GbE port.  Use the 1GbE port for WOL.
  2. There is no error message presented in the local admin GUI when the USB key is missing from the system for encrypted volumes.  The LCD display will present a message that the USB key is missing.
  3. If the USB key is missing for encrypted volumes, the user has to wait for a 10 minute timeout.  After the timeout, the encrypted volume will appear as inactive in the local admin GUI.
  4. If a FLEX-RAID volume has be expanded, the volume cannot be switched back to X-RAID mode.
  5. If you wish to remove a USB storage device, you should first eject the drive in the local admin GUI before removing the USB device from the ReadyNAS to prevent errors on the file system of the USB device.
  6. ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 only support creating iSCSI LUNs 8TB and smaller.
  7. ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 only support volumes up to 16TB.
  8. ReadyNAS devices updated to ReadyNAS 6.2.0 or later cannot be downgraded to ReadyNAS 6.1.x or earlier. 

How to update the firmware: